I see the evidence of Your goodness all over my life.

on April 01, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E đŸ’«
Another opportunity to lean into the hope of the Heavenly Father and live with eternity in mind.
Another chance to pursue joy in every circumstance, walk in the power of the self control of the Holy Spirit, and to experience the unwavering peace that comes as a result—THIS week is going to be GOOD.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank you for saying “I love you” in a million ways all around us. From the sunrise that greets us to the conversations that edify us to the challenges that refine us to the adventurous plans that await us—Your goodness is truly covering our lives, canvassing us in ways we could never deserve.

As we schedule our time and answer to others, help our “yes” and our “no” be definite and sure. Thank You for giving us clarity where there is confusion and strength where there is doubt.
We know that open hands don’t represent an empty life, they represent a FULL one! One that is ready and expectant and available to whatever You ask and wherever You call.

Slow us down and help us SEE—remove any scales from our eyes in any area so that we can have supernatural awareness of Your presence in every place.
Knowing that You are fighting for us, have prepared us, walk with us, and will watch us from behind helps us push past our fear and silence our anxieties.
Your voice—the still, small whisper—is the lullaby to every pleasant place and peaceful mindset.

Easter always reminds us of Your sacrifice and the ever-present grace that sustains us—help us keep this on the forefront of our minds at all times.
Your miracle-working power is here.
Your kindness and mercy are here.
Your deep forgiveness is here.
Your faithfulness to fulfill every word, finish everything you start, and fortify all You create is here.

Jesus, we welcome Your Spirit!
We treasure Your consistency.
We expect Your power.
We embrace Your guidance.
We believe Your sovereignty.
We wrap ourselves in Your gentleness.
We know Your love and THAT ensures a beautiful week ahead.

One step
then another
never alone
peaceful and grateful
following You đŸ€

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