I woke up to a million reminders of Your kindness

on June 24, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to welcome the mercy He so generously extends, despite everything we’ve done to mess it up.
Another new beginning to walk in agreement with your God-given identity + embrace the full life He calls us to,
Another Monday that has never happened before, which means it is full of possibility, strength, + hope, no matter how any others have looked!

Jesus, Thank You,
Thank You for the millions of blessings that surround us on every side—truly, all is a gift.
Help us take the time to reflect and rehearse all that You’re doing—this discipline helps us have open eyes in our present moment, as well as develop trust for every tomorrow.
Lead us in praise over grumbling, point us towards joy when entitlement knocks, and ground us in gratitude before we enter every circumstance.

Will You show us how to be people of FOLLOW-THROUGH today?
Follow-through of anything that looks like You, aligns with Your Word, builds Your Kingdom, and strengthens our devotion towards You.
If that means we need to remove, replace, + replant a few things—that’s good! Normal. Give us the courage to do so.
Faithfulness in the wrong direction will always bring us pain + hardship.
Commitment, devotion, + steadfastness in Your direction will always bring power, hope, and peace.
Lead us up the stairs to Heaven and help us look down…what matters? What do we need to be committed to today, letting You focus on tomorrow—will You show us this?

Thank You for reminding our hearts that we don’t need to concern ourselves with being impressive or perfect; rather, Your desire is that we live surrendered + honorably.
This protects us + ensures purpose for all our days.
Redirect our spirit to truth as we make decisions + assess our time, energy, resources—and ultimately, priorities.
What used to be yes that needs to be no?
What received our no’s that actually builds us up?
Help us be courageous to walk in faith that Your yes + Your no are ALWAYS for our highest + our best.

We love you, Jesus,
But the best, craziest, most humbling truth is? You love us MORE.
In all our mess and amidst all the madness, Your strongest yes was US.

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