I'm pretty bad at introductions.

on January 24, 2023
I am pretty bad at introductions. Terrible, actually. I forget that there are often new people around here + I just talk to you like an old friend. Mainly because I have a burning desire to make this a space where you feel seen, accepted, refreshed, + safe to bring whatever you’re carrying—at least, as much as a virtual corner of the internet can do that.

Anyway—Hi! I’m SO, so thankful that you’re here😊I’m Cleere, not Cleerely🤣
I’m pretty good at hiding behind content + sometimes fear showing up in other ways.
Here’s some things you may or may not know about me🤍

🎉A deep conversation is my love language, especially on a porch with a view🫶🏻
🎉 I’m a poser when it comes to coffee. I just want to hold a warm cup but take about 2 sips 😝
🎉I use too many !!!!!!!🤫
🎉 Athleisure is my everyday attire.
🎉 I’m a hardcore enneagram 2, wing 3. I know, not everyone loves the enneagram but I think it’s a helpful tool.
🎉I come from a big family—3 siblings—it’s the best! Quiet is found in a closet upstairs at any holiday or function😂
🎉Words flow the easiest for me in the early mornings or sitting on a beach. The ocean helps me think through topics with extreme clarity.
🎉Currently in my life, I am being comfortable in some areas. To the outside world, it may look brave but I feel the tugging. Working on that.
🎉I believe hugs change (not solve) everything. But I do think they soften even the hardest of hearts.
🎉Dancing frees my soul. I love every kind.
🎉My son, Sledge (my mom’s maiden name) was born @ 26 weeks. That journey changed my whole life.
🎉I talk to Sledge all the time like we are best friends. At Target, you’d think someone was with me besides the 1 year old in the stroller😂
🎉I have an obsession with candles. They make every space more homey.
🎉Currently discerning how to make this space more personal without conforming to pressure or sacrificing boundaries that protect my peace.
🎉JESUS, walks, fresh salsa, my friends + family, a good playlist, + kindness bring me great joy.
🎉This post kinda makes me squirm but here we are.

Speaking of, what brings YOU joy? Tell me! Small or big🫶🏻
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