Joy is your beacuase Jesus is with you.

on April 14, 2023

Another week has passed and the weekend is here—mercy has carried us, strength has met us where we are, and hope continues to propel us.
GOODNESS is all around 🌟

🌟 Joy is yours today—like ALREADY in your bag of tricks—you just have to grab hold of it, walk in it, + practice life with it. Jesus is your secret weapon to being content in any circumstance.

🌟 The marvelous, magnificent, + miraculous life God offers is worth all the mystery it holds. What is the true risk? Following Jesus + failing or not following Jesus + missing out?

🌟 Overthinking + overanalyzing would be necessary if you were sovereign and in control…but that’s your Father’s job. You get to be present because He prepares you for the future.

🌟 Hope is the sustenance of life. It’s what breeds possibility, cultivates strength, + initiates power. And where it is? Life is. And anytime there’s life anywhere? There is still HOPE.

🌟 You don’t have to be a victim to your jealous thoughts—flip your view. What grace has been extended to you? How has He refreshed you?

🌟 You don’t have to keep or carry around anything that isn’t essential to what God has asked of you. Pulling out the weeds brings space to seek, room to rest, + margin to marinate on what matters.

🌟 A gentle heart is medicine to any heart that receives its love or gives it; it is helpful to any hurt, proactive for all pain, and a sure sign that Jesus resides in you.

🌟 The pressure is off—you don’t have to prove your worth, in your appearance, in your resume, in your skills, etc,—to the world around you. They will not appreciate the Spirit moving + making the calls anyway—eyes on Jesus. Your worth is sure.

🌟 Moments of rain or seasons of downpour are hard—no way around that. But they are also cleansing, requiring you to reassess + renew the deep parts of your heart that need assessing. They bring the refinement you need to be faithful on the sunny days.

🌟 There is ALWAYS something to look forward to. Knowing the heart of God and that He only gives good things, you know this for sure: Grace + goodness will cover your path forward.

A grateful heart does not require attaining anything else…just opening your eyes🤍

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