Keep the important thing important

on December 12, 2023

This day is already happening—time is passing and life is moving forward and things are circling around you. Dots are connecting and decisions are being made and a road is being forged.
“Of course it is,” you say. And yet, at many moments, you find yourself falling prey to reacting to time instead of treasuring it and being present.
You feel like if you don’t prepare for the future and do ____ , ____, and ____, you’ll be behind.
Or you’re mulling over what ground isn’t covered or where you wish you were, and your energy becomes drained by what you simply can’t change.
But the future and the past? They are both honored by holding yourself to this day—the present—and opening it with BIG inspiration, STRONG passion, WILD hope, UNBRIDLED freedom, LOUD joy, and SOUND peace!

Little moments. There are a million today and they will soon add up to the sum of your day. And much like everything in life, they usually follow the protocol of a chain reaction. Wisdom brings more wisdom. Discipline yields discipline. Delight hones delight.
Your posture in the carpool line,
Your attitude towards the task you don’t want to tackle,
Your awareness of the Christmas lights on the way to where you’re going,
Your openness to serving someone who can’t reciprocate,
Your ability to let go of a comment that offends you,
Your adherence to what you said you were going to do,
Your decision to open the Word instead of another app,
So many decisions…how are you yielding your time today?

Jesus came to give a FULL life!!!!!!! Not a “full life that can begin once you finish striving to check the boxes of your current season and then you’ll absorb it” kinda life—NOW!

Interrupt anxieties with praise. Pray audacious prayers that sound impossible and talk to Jesus about the mountains you’re fearful to climb. Don’t feel the need to pick up what doesn’t serve you and let the order of your priorities determine the direction of your steps. That will protect you.

Jesus is with you!
His favor is for you.
His eyes are on you.
His strength will sustain you.
His plans are mighty and true and they are not in jeopardy! His goodness is surrounding you—that is true, even when you can’t see it.

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