Kingdom joy + kindness get to mark your day!

on April 28, 2023

Goodness and mercy wake you up each morning. Tenderness and strength are who He is. Is there any amount of gratitude to cover the grace He gives?

🌟 Kingdom JOY and unconditional KINDNESS get to make your day! The kind that enters a room and immediately points to Jesus—unwavering, regardless of reciprocation, + planted in purpose.

🌟 Change is hard. Usually comfortable. Filled with asks that push you + require adaptation. But holy refinement is worth whatever it requires! Keep digging deeper.

🌟 What feels OUT of the way is usually the ONLY way for your heart, mind, soul, + body to GET IT. God knows the safest, surest route—anticipate His power when the view seems unexpected.

🌟 You are growing in new + exciting ways—in how you see the world, in your gifts, in your character—all of it. Wouldn’t it be a game-changer if you embraced hardship + tension as valuable ways to grow?

🌟 Living a life that sometimes “feels mundane” or doesn’t scream impressive is actually the opposite to the Father. Hand to the plow, focused on your field, trusting Him with every harvest…so much peace there.

🌟 Nothing is new to God—not the news headlines, not the division, not the cultural temptations—He isn’t scared. Or worried. Remember He reigns.

🌟 Little steps of faithfulness in your home + outside it change the world. Continuing to do the unseen regardless of whether it’s acknowledged allows for great work + progress to be done. Remember, God multiplies.

🌟 You may feel like your gentleness isn’t doing anything but you see only surface level. Keep pursuing others with tenderness + hope. It is honey to your soul, too.

🌟 What your Father starts, He completes. What He proclaims + promises is as sure is done. Stand on the finished work + declare new life where you are.

🌟 You get to SURRENDER + embrace the abundant life!!! No need to wrestle for control—His hands are sufficient + all-knowing. Praise God for this freedom. Life is GOOD!

You have Jesus.
You have all that you need 🌟

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