Love is the key to Christmas magic.

on December 20, 2023

You have heard it a million times over—the truth that the thing others remember about being with you is how you made them feel.
And yet—you and me and all of us—we get caught up in the doing and the gathering and the presenting and the preparing. And don’t get me wrong—these things are necessary and GOOD!!!!!! After all, the love that you have for someone is often seen in your preparation for their arrival and your anticipation of that time. However, if all is beautiful and the outside is lovely but the time together feels stressed or frantic or surface, what will they remember? What will you remember?

I remember leaving a get together one time and literally notating in my head, “Be more like her.” The couch cushions stayed in disarray, food wasn’t immediately cleaned up because she insisted on making to-go plates for everyone, and conversations lingered so that people could have space.
Because don’t you know—for you and for me and for everyone—it takes us a minute to be there. And then to feel safe. And then to feel free. And then to receive and to give and to let the magic of Christmas invade our hearts and souls.

Maybe it has nothing to do with hosting others and it has everything to do with how you’re carrying yourself—WHAT IF you died to the efficiency of task management and you committed to the pursuit of radical love to Jesus, yourself, + those around you?
I think it would help you find more laughter in the little moments and it would certainly provide a heart of peace, no matter the disarray of the “stuff” or the “things”. The to-do’s you didn’t get to would become irrelevant because you would be focused on the people in front of you and it would be GLORIOUS.

Sometimes, I think it helps to ask, “What does Jesus expect of me here?”
Because if your expectations negate or supercede his, that might be your red flag.
And this Christmas? And always? I think He would say to love. And then love some more. After all, love is the most efficient Kingdom builder and THAT is the point of it all.

Things will get done. Stuff will come together. The dots will connect. They always do. Let Him love you this Christmas and then give it all around ❤️

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