May we never forget

on September 11, 2023

I remember laying in bed, only a middle schooler, and being unable to sleep.
Was the world falling apart?
Should we be scared?
How did this happen?
How has everything changed for everyone in only twelve hours?
Life felt incredibly fragile—like you couldn’t embrace and hold it tight enough and yet like the slightest touch the wrong way, and it could burst.
Towers could become ashes in seconds.
Tragedy has a way of providing crystal clear clarity on what is truly important amidst a million voices clamoring for their vote.

Life is but a vapor.
Heroes came to the surface as they showed up in their everyday courage they always wore; this time; the world just got to take note of it.
The brilliance of humanity was seen as men and women fought for others as they were fighting for their own….because they were…because on this day, 22 years ago, we remembered that together is SO much better than apart.
We remembered that despite background or differences or struggles or opinions or status or anything—that we all had one thing in common—we had a beating heart and that tomorrow is never promised.

I know we say that we will never forget…and life throws us a million different curveballs, and then, when a tragedy or storm hits, we remember again: Today is pure mercy. Lavished grace. The weight of bitterness feels heavier than the weight of forgiveness and we once again remember—nothing is worth holding onto tighter than Jesus + eachother.

The world did stop turning that day and sometimes, I wish we could catapult ourselves back to that day to truly remember. Though the weight of sadness was so immense, I believe we found the humility and gratitude found only at Ground zero.
The kind that can build a rock steady foundation because it’s been so close to the ruins.

Grateful for every hero of 9/11 and every family and all those that still navigate a twisted normal because of that day.
It was pure evil that happened. But the grace of God brought so much good and reminded people that love really is the ONLY way.

May we never forget—that would honor their legacy so well 🇺🇸

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