Most of life is spent in process

on May 30, 2024

I wonder, if you went back and surveyed the amount of time you spend on the way to the place you’re going, what percentage would it take up?
The routines you set in order to arrive at a specific goal,
The daily habits you commit to in order to experience the growth you desire,
The day-in and day-out little decisions you make as you continually remember where you’re walking towards and what God has asked of you,
The prayers that you say as you pound the pavement forward,
The strength that you muster up so that you can keep showing up, even when the pin on the map seems farther then you thought,
The daily surrender you have to make as you yearn for a milestone you haven’t reached or a memory you have yet to make,
All these things…on the way.

But when you’re in the thick of it or when you are worn out by the journey or when you feel like everyone else is taking selfies on the mountaintops, the in-between feels hard.
“God! I just want to know I’m making traction here!”
“Lord, how much longer until this chapter ends and I get to be at the place we discussed?”
“…what is this all amounting to? Am I in the right place?”
We let our worries travel to unknown places and we let our wonder be zapped by the nagging question of the world around us—“Are we there yet?”

But…looking back, you see that is also along the way that you became and are becoming the person you must be in order to help, heal, handle, and hold the very things you’re asking for.
The in-between forces you to answer the question, “Who is this for?” and “who do you trust?” and“Who will you become as you walk to where you’re going?”

Being disciplined + driving in the right direction is crucial but true discipleship + devotion to Jesus is trusting that every step is necessary, beneficial, + enlightening.
It’s believing that the mountaintop moment is the medal ceremony but the mundane of getting there? It’s what makes you. Forms you. Humbles you. And when you realize it’s the point? You learn to be satisfied there, too.

Perhaps along the way is the most beautiful…the view that shows the rawness + realness of a loving Father that is most felt as you journey.

Embrace the process.
It is life 🤍

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