New mercy + strength came with the sunrise.

on April 21, 2023

When you look for goodness, you’re walking out the truth that God is present EVERYWHERE! And that’s a promise you can always rely on. As people of HOPE, we rejoice knowing:

🌟 The sunrise brought brand new mercy and fresh strength for THIS day, knowing all that it will hold. A new cup for today—tap into it—it will sustain you. And then tomorrow’s will come.

🌟 There has never been a time where the Shepherd has experienced even a moment of doubt as to where His sheep are—His ability to know + tend to all supersedes your understanding.

🌟 The Holy Spirit is keenly aware of every detail, every dot, and every difficulty on the horizon. He is the Great Connector, Coordinator + Counselor. Trust His intimacy in the intricacy.

🌟 Having an attitude that imitates Jesus will always be the right choice. It protects your integrity, proves your devotion, + points to Heaven. Plus, it makes your heart feel good.

🌟 Where your eyes go, your feet soon follow. The great part about this? You decide where you look! Focus on what lasts.

🌟 When your spirit feels rushed, slow down. Pause. Clarity can’t be found with blurry, hurried vision. Whatever pace supports peace is plenty sufficient for Jesus.

🌟 You don’t ever have to accept complaining as your tendency—you get to switch it to praise! Recalibrate. Recognize His fingerprints. Realize the power of your language.

🌟 In every season, with every struggle, amidst every situation—God is preparing you for what He has prepared FOR you. It is good, it is worth it, and it is FULL of promise.

🌟 Want to be a better leader? Have influence + impact? Coach your own spirit. Be fiercely gentle + wildly patient. That will make waves.

🌟 Jesus is the main event—He’s it! He is the magnetic, contagious, and attractive part of any good thing or person. Pressure is off of you to deliver—just shine His light!

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