One thing at a time.

on June 19, 2024


Picture it—you’re on the phone with the doctor’s office calling to schedule a follow-up appointment, you have a drafted email you paused writing so you could use your phone to make this call, you have a child hanging on your hip since you need your other hand for your call, you have a dish in the oven (when did you put it in?! You’ll check and make sure it doesn’t burn…you’ll remember…right?), and you’re reminding yourself in your head to not forget to order that thing for the beach, call your friend back, and organize that little drawer in the kitchen so you can better access the things you needed when you were just cooking, with one hand, on the phone…
Lord. Have. Sweet. Mercy.
Everyone has their own version of it.
And usually, you don’t even realize you are trying to do too many things until you run square into a wall. A wall that doesn’t move, that is. Hurts so dang bad and you sigh, collect yourself, and whisper to your own soul, “you have GOT to slow down.”

The truth is, none of us are great multi-taskers.
Can we do a lot of things at once? Sure. Will we do them all with excellence and joy? Definitely not. It’s impossible. It has nothing to do with aptitude or capability; it has everything to do with human bandwidth, the purpose of focus, and the need to realize we weren’t created to do everything, everywhere, for everyone. Have we placed more value on being masters of to-do lists, confusing passion for God’s people with passion for productivity, which is why God’s plan and God’s people irks our productivity-obsessed selves?

I realize you have so much to do. I know there aren’t laundry fairies and cooking fairies and relational fairies that tend to the everyday obligations of our lives and we still have to get things done! I know that if we don’t make the appointment, who will?! I realize that.
HOWEVER, I really, really believe that if you do ONE thing at a time and you put a “do not disturb” on the other tabs for a moment, you can complete things quicker, offer more intentionality with each one, and experience JOY + peace as you do.

One thing at a time. Let what must fall, fall. You’re human. God is supernatural. He can cover what’s urgent 🤍

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