Plan for this today:

on June 06, 2023

There will be much you do not know about the road ahead—though you’ve made plans, any moment past the current is uncertain.
But what you do know?
What can you absolutely plan on?

🫶🏻You can plan for God to be a man of His Word. Every promise remains true in every season. The fickleness of your life will never affect the faithfulness of His heart.

🫶🏻You can plan on strength to show up in the struggle and the moments you least expect it; you will look back on today and be encouraged by how He met you where you are.

🫶🏻You can plan on grace to be significantly important in every relationship you hold + with every person you encounter, including yourself. Knowing it will be needed helps you more freely give it out.

🫶🏻You can plan to experience opportunities to trust Him more—with your time, energy, finances, prayers, + worries. Every moment will ask you this: “Do you trust Him?”

🫶🏻You can plan for detours the expected, strategic, hopeful plan you’ve mentally set. These interruptions will provide the refinement you need + the resources you didn’t realize weren’t where you were searching for.

🫶🏻You can plan for patience to be required in full supply. When people are rude, suffering lasts longer than you want, the answers don’t come, or whatever it is, patience will be your friend. Remember #1.

🫶🏻You can plan for prayer—just talking to Jesus, being with Him, hearing His heart, knowing His voice—to be vital at every stop. It will be your communication with the Guide that is your peace—not the pathway.

🫶🏻You can plan for refreshment to relieve you at points where you want to give up, quit, or decide to forge a new way. There will be rest time for you to drink up, remember your why, + keep going.

🫶🏻You can plan for provision that will absolutely blow your mind. Haven’t you seen that you can’t predict the King? Don’t try to. Worship. Anticipate His hand.

🫶🏻You can plan for the hope, joy, and power of Heaven to help you navigate the harshness, stagnation, + fear of this temporary world. It illuminates all.

Focus on what you CAN plan for—the rest will come as it may.

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