Praise lifts your eyes to Heaven.

on September 08, 2023

Life can be busy and quick and somehow, even blessings can become burdens as stress is the posture.
But the GOODNESS of God breaks through and whispers, “Let me be your anthem.”

🌟 Praise breaks chains and lifts your eyes up. It makes the veil between heaven + earth thin. It is your weapon that helps you fight for victory when your flesh feels weak.

🌟 Whatever is making you fearful, God is bigger. The more that you do it afraid, the greater your courage becomes + the more faith you find. You don’t have to wait for the fear to go—it will run when God appears.

🌟 God is your Heavenly Father who withholds nothing good from you—that is absolute. When it feels like it’s untrue, it’s often because you only know what you want, not what you need.

🌟 You aren’t lost in the wilderness with no awareness of how to get home. You KNOW your Father’s voice—you were made to follow Him. Your heart beats to His.

🌟 The faith that you long for is often on the other side of the trials you’d rather avoid. Battles reveal the strength of Jesus inside of you—this helps you see that He will never leave you.

🌟 God never applies pressure. If your shoulders feel heavy, it’s what you’ve applied. Grace lifted that burden.

🌟 Kindness will never be in vain- not anywhere, ever. It edifies others, warms the cold inside, and looks like Jesus. That’s enough, no matter what’s reciprocated.

🌟 You won’t walk a SINGLE STEP that He hasn’t gone before you + knows the way. This means uncertainty is irrelevant because He is sure + sovereign.

🌟 Your ruins feel heavy + dark + too messy to redeem; God sees it as the perfect foundation for rich, holy, enduring holy ground. He’s not afraid of the hard work of rebuilding to make it healthy.

🌟 It is the greatest truth + too overwhelming to comprehend—YOU will get to see Jesus face to face. Glory. Life personified. Make it about that moment.

Let your remembrance of His goodness define your day 🙌🏻

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