Prayer is always an effective response.

on March 30, 2023

In every situation,
In every season,
Amidst every struggle,
In all suffering,
With every sore spot,
Prayer is the most effective response, the greatest strategy, the wisest option, and the most assured way to walk in victory.

The beautiful thing about prayer is that it looks a million different ways—it’s a conversation with you and the One who made you—and His response to you will look different than the others He has made.
The confidence you have in prayer is that He hears you and you can hear Him. You’re never muted and He is never silent.
The strong assurance of prayer is that it will always lead you to pursuing peace, preserving good, and propelling the purpose of the King.
You will never be in jeopardy of remaining stagnant or being lazy if you lean into and respond in the way of the Commander of Heaven’s armies. The order of which He leads you to do things might seem counter-cultural. The method in which He instructs may seem counterintuitive. But you can rest assured that He can multiply time, maximize your capacity, move your mission, and make things happen in which you could never have predicted or imagined.

Prayer is the process of softening your heart and asking Him to break it for what breaks His. It’s the way that you allow for refinement, transformation, and living an intentional life.

Prayer is always an effective response because the Savior will never respond with telling you to sit down, get comfortable, and love yourself.
He will always humble your heart,
Open your eyes,
Remove the walls you’ve built,
Steady your mind on what is true,
Make your spirit brave,
Extend compassion towards you,
Ask you to get uncomfortable,
Listen to your anxieties,
Fill you with new confidence,
Lead you towards good ground,
Show you who needs help,
Equip you for what’s next,
And command you to move and to love and to give and to serve.

It’s okay that you don’t know what to say or you feel like your ears are struggling to listen—when you posture your heart towards the One who made it, He will always meet you there.

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