Quieting your mind pays strong dividends

on May 19, 2023

His mercy that opened the skies, His kindness that has planned your days, and His loving arms that will hold you with every step forward.
He is the King + you are His child.
Nothing better.

🌟 Silencing the chatter + clearing the distractions will always prove to be beneficial—in your home + your workplace + every space in-between. Make space for it.

🌟 There isn’t one need that isn’t on your Father’s radar. He is wildly, acutely, + fully aware of everything that you need, not just what YOU think you need. He’s on it. When you trust this, you can release fear.

🌟 You don’t have to prove yourself to your parents, your boss, your friends, or anyone around you. Your job? Showing up + representing Jesus. That will prove all it needs to.

🌟 Your Father makes good from ALL of it. The mistakes you made yesterday, the strongholds you wish weren’t present, + the consequences you’re having to navigate that you didn’t choose. Do you believe that He is capable?

🌟 Assuming the best doesn’t make you immature or ignorant; it reveals faith. It’s not putting your trust in others or circumstances—rather, it is the posture to expect that God is moving.

🌟 When the waves crash, the Maker of the seas is warring on your behalf. If He is present + able, then the storm is an opportunity to see His faithfulness. Your safety is never in jeopardy when the Shepherd is leading you.

🌟 Running out of what YOU can do, what you have, what you know, etc. is actually ideal. Then, dependence is required + hope comes alive. The Spirit is the Supplier—breathe.

🌟 Difficult interactions with those close to you + strangers alike position you in a place to exercise, realize, + grow your patience. Assess your frustration—your wisdom is growing.

🌟 In every situation, even when you FEEL alone, you have the greatest friend + most powerful advocate. Ask Him his thoughts. Know you have covering. Expect His comfort to help you.

🌟 Tired? Confused? Angry? Jealous? Sad? Afraid? Overwhelmed? Any + all reveal the need for living water. Peace, joy, + strength are yours. Drink from His goodness.

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