Reframing Mondays

on January 30, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another fresh start where we get to remember our Heavenly purpose and the privilege that it is to know the One who is making all things come together.
Another shot to let go of what’s been entangling us and cling to the everlasting hope of the Father—helping the broken world around us see that He wills always be the realest, surest, most absolute thing we know.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You for this new day and this new week and the fact that with every clean slate, You remain the same. Constant in Your provision, all-encompassing in Your kindness, steadfast in Your strength, and faultless in Your character.

Show us how to not live on autopilot, reacting to the urgencies around us and trying to keep up with a standard that You didn’t set.
Instead—help us be keenly aware of what YOU want for our lives. Give us the ability to assess our lives with discernment, grace, and gratitude, refusing to stay numb to the places you want us to be alive. But also, empower us through Your Word + embrace us with Your gentleness—evaluation is Your desire so that we can walk in our true identity; shame or guilt is the enemy’s ploy so that we never embrace the identity that’s always been ours.

Father, intentional is who You are.
Every season has purpose. Every detail is being worked together for our good and Your glory. Every place holds the provision of Your hand. The way that You intimately coordinate the particulars of our lives, knowing the end from the beginning and every dot in-between—it is a constant pointing to Your sovereignty, mercy, and strength,

We are people of expectant HOPE this week.
Our eyes are peeled, ready to see the miracles You’ve been lacing together,
Our hands are available, open to whatever, wherever, and whomever You have planned,
Our feet are willing, equipped to step into the deeper waters You’re calling us to,
And our hearts are so wildly grateful that You would choose us—AGAIN!

King of our hearts + in control of the world.
We are graced for this day + this week because You’re leading us.

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