Reframing Mondays

on February 06, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to fully let go of our yesterdays + grab hold of the present,
Another fresh start to lean into the gifts He has given us, walk forward in courage, and bring Heaven to earth right where we are.

Jesus, Thank You.
Thank You for knowing and seeing and embracing and forgiving and shepherding and directing and solidifying and securing and loving us like You do.
Knowing that You have crafted our week, that You go before us into each space, and that You fight for us in every battle we face gives us divine strength and rejuvenates our soul.
The story that is too good to be true is actually true—the Gospel! Your grace. Eternal significance. Hope that lasts + love that doesn’t waver—help us just sit in this truth and take the time to savor it before beginning all the things and getting distracted.

Lead us in thinking of others more than ourselves. Help us be people who outdo each other in showing honor—oh that pleases You. And when we do? Remind us to tell them and care for them out loud! Knowing that You bring others to our minds and that You bring us to theirs—it shows us how You connect + care for us in such unique ways.

We are excited for this week ahead because we know that You will help us live differently. You will show us how to live as people who have been transformed by truth and see earth from a Heavenly perspective—we yearn to build an intentional life.
Mold our minds to Your Word and nothing else.
Marinate our spirit in the peace of Your presence.
Move our feet towards what pleases You.
Maximize our time by helping us allocate in the places that are significant to You.
We surrender the desire to multi-task our way into the mental rollercoaster of hurry + hysteria; instead we choose to focus, fix our eyes on you, and find rest in knowing You can do anything + everything all at once whenever is needed.

This week, we choose to fully embrace the life You have for us—
Full of goodness + steady as You.

Beyond grateful for another Monday—looking for You 💫

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