Reframing Mondays

on February 13, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to begin a new week that has never happened before—truly a fresh start where mercy has gone before our every step.
Another opportunity to trust the goodness of the Father and enter into the world that He made with confidence that He is holding everything together.
This is no ordinary Monday.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You for it all—the sunrise, the breath in our lungs, the forgiveness for all our yesterdays, the infusion of energy for this day, the power of Your Spirit inside of us, and for everything we could never deserve—we count it all grace. We want to be good stewards of this time ahead of us, not squandering a moment due to distractions, pressure, or misaligned priorities.

Will You show us how to be people who are wise and prepared for the future while remaining present-minded and disciplined in this day?
When You want us to remain or wait, show us how to be patient and faithful.
When You want us to step forward and embrace the unknown or the uncertain, lead us in courage and trust.
We never want to be complacent due to fear because we know that You’re already in every future moment.

Anchor us in the stronghold of Your Word—infallible, unchanging, and forever trustworthy. Humble our spirits when we forget to plug into You first before entering the world around us—finding our assurance and affection in You and Your promises protects us from a life of wandering, worrying, and wishing things were different.
Thank You for helping us fight for contentment this week—it points so strongly to You in this world.

When we feel the temptation to let stress drive us or distraction confuse us, we will go back to Your feet—REST + ABUNDANCE are already ours.
Every detail is taken care of,
Every gap has been addressed,
Every detour has been considered,
Every worry is eased in Your presence, Father.
Our good Shepherd,
Our hiding place,
Our constant joy—we choose You.
Walking with You, holding Your hand, trusting Your heart, and getting excited about Your plans, we enter our week.

Peace! Strength! Faith! It is everything we need🤍

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