Remind me that You're near.

on April 29, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E đŸ’«
Another new beginning that holds a million possibilities! Is it true that our slate is wiped clean? Is it true that He can use even the heaviest of situations and the hardest of times to bring good? Is it true that He knows it all from start to finish?
Because it is all true, this day + this week get to be different—solidified on the cross + safely held by the hands who drop nothing.

Thank You for the breath in our lungs, the sun that came up, the family and friends that surround us, and the plans You have for us.
From the big to the small—from the mundane to the life-altering—all of it matters to You.

It changes everything to know that we will never be alone. Though trials aren’t our preference, it is usually the fear of fighting them ourselves that feels daunting—but to know that Your strong + mighty hand will prepare, position, + power us through? It fills us with courage + confidence like no other!
God-confidence wrapped tightly around the anchor of hope that continuously communicates with the One in control
so acutely aware of WHO dictates what is good, decides where to go, directs what to release, and deserves all the glory—this kind of planting lasts in seasons of harvest and removal. What a gift.

Jesus, help us be people who notice when our emotions are heightened and our feelings are loud—though they may be valid, they are terrible guides to holiness + health. Reset our gaze on what is true. Remind us that we are called to be set apart. Relax our shoulders from the pressures of this world as we restore our eternal perspective.
Show us how to walk in wisdom. Let us be people who do the right thing when it’s the hard thing, knowing that it’s the peaceful thing, too.

Loose grip—that is what we yearn for, Father.
Loosely holding all that You’ve given us—enough to steward with care and appreciate with gratitude but with enough air to lay it down or lessen its hold on our lives at any moment.
Let us be people who are quick to forgive and extend grace—may we find opportunities this week to flex that muscle, aware that forgiveness towards others + faithfulness towards You is LIFE đŸ€

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