Silent Saturday

on March 30, 2024

It was undeniable…the tension in the air as everyone wondered, “What do we do now?”
Knowing the only answer was waiting, clinging to the words they could hear ringing in their ears, “I will be back again.”

On Saturday, the air seems to move slower as the answers feel far away—if He can do all, why didn’t He save Himself?
If He is truly the Messiah, why did they so dishonorably make a massacre of His death?
If the King is killed, is His Kingdom still unshakable?

Oh, but then.
You see, the wait was actually what brought it all to pass.
The time between when the world saw His breath stop and when He would soon give breath to all revival—it is what brought way for true resurrection of every dry, dreary, and dark thing.
The absence of His physical presence became the bridge to His Spirit descending…for soon, Jesus wouldn’t just return, He would live WITHIN His people.

When Sunday is on the horizon, Saturday becomes a blessed day of worship. Surrender. The constant reminder that the world’s silence is not synonymous with eternity’s action plan.

Saturday reminds us that we will never regret being rejected by the world in order to stand firm on the Word.
Saturday assures us that the Promise-Keeper always completes what He starts.
Saturday humbles us as we reflect on the cross and that it was our sin that kept Him there but that it is our reconciliation that will bring Him back from the grave.
Saturday ensures us that light is not jeopardized by darkness, supernatural plans cannot be thwarted, and the inheritance of the Father is a reward we could never earn, and therefore, mercifully never lose.

Waiting…wondering…how will He make a way?
In the unpredictable, amidst the uncertain, and despite the unexpected, the Redeemer is restoring.

His silence is never truly silent…Sunday is on the way 🤍

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