Slow down.

on February 28, 2024

Hey—how fast are you going? I know, you have things to do + places to be and there aren’t enough hours in the day.
You feel frustrated by the internal tug-of-war happening within you; the great desire to be a person who is present and available to God + others, while feeling completely overwhelmed by what is already being asked of you.
But may I ask…asking you + me…who is asking this of us? Who is asking you to keep driving the speed you’re going? Have you asked…God for His opinion?

I think it’s often subconscious and unintentional that we plan our days + position ourselves in a life built through striving. It’s hidden in the language of, “I’m just trying to do everything God has called me to” or masked by the notion of, “I don’t want to miss something that is for me.”
The lifestyle of striving is often insulated by confusing support for how much you’re doing—often for God—and you’re left wondering…but why does it feel like THIS?

Let me ask you this: Do you think you can rightly enjoy a gift by refusing to accept it, setting a standard of perfection before you’re able to open it, or setting it aside until you “have time” to really absorb it?
It seems obvious, but this is what we do with grace—the very gift Jesus gave us, requiring His complete suffering and total sacrifice…and yet we still try to earn it.
I don’t think we realize we are inadvertently trying to remove the title of Savior from Him and put “superstar” on us.
Grace for here + eternity cannot be earned; it must be received in humility.

I just wonder—how long will it take us to realize we need to slow down? What will have to happen for us to surrender + walk in His sufficiency? Do we have to crash in order to realize we can’t open something traveling this fast?

Sometimes, in the middle of praying, I feel like He halts my spirit and just whispers, “hey,..hey…you’ve misplaced the pressure. Don’t miss being with me in order to prove you can do a lot for Me.”
Will we listen?

The more you slow down + savor grace, the more wisdom you gain to release the unimportant + steward the vital.
The more you slow down + savor grace, the stronger + more peaceful + healthier you become.
Try it 🤍

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