Sometimes miracles take time.

on August 10, 2023

A few mornings ago, I kept waiting for the sun to rise...the sky had already broken open, I had walked back and forth thinking surely it would show itself in all its bright colors by now. The light was peaking through…I had a million things to do but I knew I was supposed to see it rise so I sat on the sand + slowed down for a moment.
The waves rolled in + I waited, being reminded how patient I think I am until patience is what’s asked of me.
Golden skies arose—ahhhh, there it is. As the mercy of the new morning came to be, I hold hear the Holy Spirit whisper, “Cleere, sometimes miracles take time.”
I had no idea how much I needed to hear that exact phrase.
Miracles…the touch of His hand that we believe should bring healing instantly sometimes looks more like the process of holding us and trusting that the healing is happening…it’s being worked out beyond what we see or know or can prove.

I had been praying about a few different things…wondering how they’re going to shake out, what the normal will look like, + how God will move. I suppose you could say, I’m waiting for the sunrise. And though I know that He is never late to fulfill a promise, sometimes I feel weary in it.

Maybe you’re praying for some miracles, too? I think we all are.
Maybe it’s that you’ll hold your own baby in your arms soon,
Maybe it’s that reconciliation + restoration will come in a relationship,
Maybe it’s that you’ll find the friends your heart has been longing for,
Maybe it’s that medical diagnosis or discovery that you or someone you love needs healing, or at the least—HOPE,
Or it could be less specific and more just learning how to hold onto contentment because life has felt strenuous + hard.

I don’t know. But I do know He is good for His Word. I know that miracles are His nature + mercy is His flow. I know that sometimes we forget the miracle is less about what we see and more about who we become as we seek—perhaps, it’s our trust in the invisible that He is working on, reminding us that miracles take time.

When you look up, your face will never be put to shame.
The sun always rises; the miracle is often that you stayed around + trusted enough to see it.

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