Speak this over your week

on January 15, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is on the horizon. And with it, fresh hope and great excitement about how the Holy Spirit will make Himself known and call us deeper. The unknown is a sea of opportunity when the Savior is leading us.

This week, we will:
🤍We will wake up and seek His presence. What is He saying to us? What characteristic of His heart are we clinging to? Before our phone suggests a hurried pace, we will get still in His presence.

🤍We will respond to the demands of life—the things that can be draining or stressful until surrendered to Jesus—and we will walk with deeper patience, anticipation founded in an eternal perspective, and joy that doesn’t fluctuate with the moods of others or the circumstances we experience.

🤍We will celebrate slow growth and all that it brings, knowing that the steadfast and seemingly mundane moments are actually the greatest work of all. We will welcome the Lord’s timeline and pursue deep roots with diligence + delight. Lasting growth is worth the longer wait.

🤍We will stop worshiping our comfort zone and choose to leave the familiar—we will ask Him to take us where our trust is challenged and our dependency is forced—here, we are reminded that His comfort is all we truly need.

🤍We will make sure that the walls of our home offer kindness to our own hearts and everyone who enters. We will be a house that prays and believes for healing, fighting for our best and the best of others. We will let truth wrapped in grace be the foundation of all that we say and do. And praise? It will be the language of our everyday—before the promise, amidst the promise, and after the promise. We will boldly declare the provision of the risen King.

This week, we will expect our miracle-working God to move mountains + mend hearts because that is who He is.

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