Speak this over your week:

on April 23, 2023

Preparing for the week ahead…planning where our time will go and how we will show up…posturing ourselves towards Jesus as He takes our #sundayscaries and turns them into gratitude for how He has already covered our way.
This week, we will:

🤍 We will spend time in the secret place—remembering that the power of what is invisible to the eye is only realized when the heart removes the pressure of the visible. Prioritizing the Father’s presence, leaning in to hear the Father’s whisper…newfound strength is discovered.

🤍 We will let our greatest + truest friend determine + dictate our boundaries with anything + everyone else. Because He knows the intricacies of our soul + the deepest desires of our hearts, His instruction is always sound + His discernment is always trustworthy. And His posture? Pure grace. This will help us operate in the same.

🤍 We will remind ourselves of the necessity, importance, and effectiveness of growing slow. Time is always our friend when our motives are holy, our roots are healthy, and our devotion is sure. The world may glamorize immediate gratification but lasting rewards are sewn through history in all seasons.

🤍 We will refocus our eyes and redirect our attention to the King of all Kings, especially when our spirit gets restless, insecure, or anxious. Finding Him, we regain our footing + remember the solid ground beneath us. The cure for our anxiety this week will not rely on our circumstances; we will depend on the Controller of them.

🤍 We will anchor ourselves in contentment, letting the grace we have already been extended help us see through the lens of gratitude. This will remove the pressure to achieve, attain, or acquire, and allow our abiding to posture us for true success.

This week, we will not walk a step alone.
Not one.
Always in His grasp.
Led beside quiet streams.
People of peace whose hearts know they belong…that is who we will be this week.

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