Speak this over your week:

on May 07, 2023

Sunday—the morning time reminds us to rest and just be as we delight in His presence, but as the sun begins to set and we prepare for the week ahead, the #sundayscaries try to take over.
But we get to declare this as we delight in its truth:

🤍 We will start the day replanting our feet on the solid rock, knowing it is sure to be:
Our shield: It us our armor. With it in our hands, we can combat every lie that knocks.
Our sustenance: it gives us stamina when we feel drained + hope when we feel weary.
Our steady ground: It is always the level + faithful standard and place we rely on to recenter.

🤍 We will pray bold prayers and tell God exactly what is on our minds. As we pray specifically for our family, our hearts will soften to their needs while also becoming more aware of the Only One who can meet them.

🤍 We will one thing at a time—despite the temptation to open eight tabs at once, we will remain focused with our eyes forward. We don’t have to become frantic thinking that all must be done; instead, we will have faith that God can handle whatever is dropped, delayed, or dismissed.

🤍 We will remember that we can serve and love and walk side by side with others while still establishing healthy boundaries. When we stand firm in our role and know our capacity, we allow others to step up and Jesus to fulfill the space that only He can.
Boundaries are requirements, not restrictions, for love and freedom.

🤍 We will keep the truth that time is a GIFT in our minds at all times.
Staying in the present, we see the color and wonder and life in the NOW.
And as we walk every season, we will remember that life is a process. And even when the timing challenges our faith, His promises are trustworthy.

The week ahead—we are prepared for it, graced for it and excited for it.
Wrapped in His peace, we rest well and with great hope.

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