Speak this over your week:

on June 25, 2023

A new week is ahead and our emotions are loud as we try to quiet our minds—will we lay our burdens down as we lay our heads and actually rest?
This week, we will:

🤍 We will constantly remember that there is no greater, better, safer, stronger, and more loving place to be than the arms of Jesus. No matter how glamorous, glittery, or seemingly generous other places are, abiding in Him will always prove to be the one we want and need.

🤍 We will do good—without fear of scarcity, need for reciprocation, or motivation of others affirmation—solely because our Father is good. Fixated on Heaven, we will help others look up. Our faith will be known, not just because we claim to follow Jesus, but because we love others like Jesus.

🤍 We will boldly show up in the territory God has given us; operating in humility and authority, we will renounce the voice of the enemy and reclaim our victory in this place. Only the One who draws our boundary lines will direct our energy + focus. We have the armor of God, the assignment from the King, and the assistance of angels on our side.

🤍 We will believe that God is exactly who He says He is. What He declares, instructs, proclaims, and promises, we will stand on as truth and power. We will not wait for the world to agree, recognize, or understand the mystery + majesty of Our King.

🤍 We Will view rain clouds as an opportunity to witness the miracle-working nature of God. A privilege despite the pain, the problems and perplexities of our lives become the portal to experiencing His presence and power in a way like never before.

This week, His promises will determine our perspective—that despite what we see or feel or hear from the world around us, we have a firm foundation that can’t be deterred, discouraged, or defeated.

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