Speak this over your week:

on August 06, 2023

Sunday is here and our spirit feels the changing of tides as a new week begins—what will it hold? How will God move? What has He been preparing us for?

Captivating our thoughts + refocusing on Jesus, we will:
đŸ€ We will recognize that our perspective is our power, our passport, and our portal to seeing our reality through our Father’s eyes; we will replace the anxieties we hold or the dread we have with joyful anticipation! We will walk in the faith that God is moving, He has all we need, and we never have to be afraid of the future.

đŸ€ We will recite Scripture and renew ourselves in the power of His Word over + over + over again. Washing away bitterness, reminding ourselves of our foundation, rehearsing truth over lies, + replenishing our souls with His goodness, the bread of life will fortify + revive us. We will speak this over our lives and our family.

đŸ€ We will make small, realistic goals that set us up for success—setting these markers allows us to celebrate the small wins, strengthening our resolve + infusing us with courage to keep going. We will find confidence in knowing that faithfulness in the small is what ensures faithfulness in the big.

đŸ€ We will do things—whether at work or home, in our relationships personally and professionally—that push us outside our comfort zone. We will remember that dependence is the goal so feeling our weakness is a sign that we are going in the right direction—God will grow us in this place!

đŸ€ We will set aside time and be adamant about taking the time to reflect on His goodness—where did we see His fingerprints? How did His mercy come alive? Was His grace sufficient? We will settle our souls in the truth that while it is impossible to predict His hand, His heart is the surest, most faithful thing we know.

A new week
a new set of sunrises + sunsets
what a life we live đŸ©”

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