Speak this over your week:

on January 29, 2023

Another new week is on the horizon and we feel the weight of our wondering minds trying to predict what we can’t yet see.
And so we quiet ourselves, renew ourselves in what is certain, and we lay our heads declaring these truths:

🤍We will let His rich, refreshing mercy consume us on every side. Receiving His grace and believing that His provision will be there for every step ahead, we feel new anticipation and great excitement for what He has planned.
Breathing in, breathing out, we will stop trying to earn His love and just let it hold us.

🤍We will make time and space for the places, particulars, and people we have been pushing aside or avoiding; knowing we are tending to what matters or must be done brings us peace in that tension + restlessness. Letting the light in—we will stop dreading what we know must be done.

🤍We will be on high-alert for when the monster of comparison or the trap of judgement/criticism tries to get a foothold; instead, we will remind ourselves of His unique purpose, steadfast promises, and living power exactly where we are. We will replace solitude with scrolling and welcome the power of self-discipline.

🤍We will value the unseen over the seen, knowing that the roots are always the most significant to our Maker. Nothing is hidden from Him. We will think long-term and remain mission-minded, keeping our eyes on Heaven and our hand to the plow. This integrity helps us sew deep roots + sleep soundly with quiet confidence.

🤍We will prioritize rest, whatever it requires. No matter how uncomfortable, no matter how unsure, no matter how much we want to busy ourselves, we will commit to building a foundation of rest, built by bricks of trust, securely planted on the unwavering peace of God.
Life will happen and the to-do list will get done but being people of rest will never happen automatically.
It will be our choice this week.

Eyes on Him,
Gratitude on our lips,
Courage filling our steps
And JOY carrying our hearts,
We will look forward to a wonderful week 🙌🏻

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