Speak this over your week:

on August 27, 2023

Sunday is here and we feel the new week peaking out—what will it hold? Where will we go? How will God move and connect and form and plant and transform?
The particulars unknown but the provision is sure.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will remember that transitions of all kinds—those we asked for and those that take us by surprise—are opportunities to trust the Father. Unknown territory makes our grasp on His hand tighter and nothing is richer than the blessing of intimacy with Him.

🤍 We will pray bold and specific prayers—ones that require resilience + healing + growth—for our family. And we will listen in + ask Jesus, “How can I point to You? Show me where to humble myself. How can I better represent Your tenderness?” And then—we will do that. We will be intentional, not taking their proximity for granted in being our family.

🤍 We will make plans with a diligent spirit—one that is planted in righteousness, grounded in gratitude, and driven by discipline. We will allocate our energy in a way that shows we have a heart of wisdom. But whenever things don’t shake out or life throws curveballs or we are needed elsewhere, we will shift + respond with JOY. Flexibility will be our mode of operation because peace will be our posture.

🤍 We will take the time to check-in with our own spirit—how are we doing? Do we need a nap? A convo with a friend? Some planned fun? We will recognize what we need + be proactive in seeking it out, knowing that a full cup overflows onto others but an empty one always feels drained.

🤍 We will praise God for this season—all that it entails! The good, the bad, + the hard—and we won’t wish it away. Only the Lord knows the length each chapter must be to write the story. And we will proclaim great hope for the next! We will live anticipating the future but not being consumed by it.

This week, we will be people who others can be around and think, “Wow…they have been with Jesus.”
That will be our prayer 🙏🏻

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