Speak this over your week:

on September 03, 2023

Another Sunday is here and His kindness is already evident in the way He sees our hearts preparing and whispers, “I hold every one of your days in My hands. Don’t fear.”

This week, we will:
🤍 We will welcome each day with the true mindset of—today is FRESH! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow holds so much possibility but today is where we thrive! With every new canvas we see, we are reminded of the innovation, strength, faithfulness, + love of our Father.

🤍 We will be people of JOY—dedicated to choosing it no matter the forecast. How else will the watching world know that our Savior is different? Our posture will communicate to others, “I am loved by the One who made the world, came to save it, and is coming back again—my spirit is at rest!”
This will be our testament of faith + it is contagious.

🤍 When our hearts begin to get anxious or our minds form snowballs of thoughts, we will stop the scrolling and do things that remind us who is in charge. We will treat prayer + praise as our weapons + find practical things that help us recalibrate + renew. We will have victory over our minds this week.

🤍 We will keep short accounts with others, fully aware that tomorrow is never promised and every day is a gift. We will release the stones in our pocket, be the first to look in the mirror, and constantly ask the Lord to humble our spirits. We will voice our pain when necessary, let go of offense whenever possible, and forgive seven times seventy.

🤍 We will celebrate His fingerprints all around us—this intentionality to keep our eyes open and treat others’ win as our own helps us build the Kingdom faster, stronger, and more efficiently. Removing the need to compare or compete, we find new strength in praising God for building our faith through others.

This week, we will get excited about the life ahead of us and the transformation taking place within us.
God is faithful and He is near 🤍

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