Speak this over your week:

on September 10, 2023

Sunday is here and a new week is ahead—we feel grateful for the time of rest and recharge as we gear up for another week—we’ve been reminded of the God we serve and our hearts are expectant for how He will move.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will do the mundane + ordinary things with great joy + deep gratitude, because isn’t it here that the Miracle-Worker is preparing us? We will recognize that seemingly trivial is preparing us for the triumphs ahead. Working for the Lord and not for men gives us fortitude + reinvigorates our passion as we show up.

🤍 We will praise God for all the ways that He is healing our hearts + those around us—from the small things that used to make us insecure but now lead us to prayer to the big ways that relationships are being restored, dreams are being forged, strength is being gained, and mountains are being moved.
Rejoicing in the ways of His hands helps us continue to pursue holiness when the healing feels distant.

🤍 We will prioritize rest so that we can give all that we are, where we are, in all moments. Allowing our full selves to be at rest provides the stamina, strength, + sustenance we need for our minds, bodies, hearts, + spirit to operate at full capacity.

🤍 We will take moments—amidst the chaos of life and the clutter that uncertainty brings—to step back and truly pause: Where did we used to be? How kind has our God been? Building these altars builds our faith, courage, hope, + determination.

🤍 We will remember that the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, + Prince of Peace is with us and for us—this is truly all that we need. In our anxious or stressful moments, this truth helps us give voice to our fear and strength to our steps.

A new week—a blessed gift—a merciful opportunity to show the watching world, “I follow the Kindest Savior—you must know Him, too.”

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