Speak this over your week:

on October 08, 2023

We feel the excitement and the whirling of the unknowns ahead of us—Sunday—a new week is on the horizon. A blank canvas. Our eyes locked on the Savior, we find guidance + great comfort: Is there anything impossible for the hands that holds the world?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will begin our day rehearsing the characteristics of our Father—true. Constant. Gentle. Humble. Forever faithful. Persistent. Kind. It is the foundation for our footing so that we can walk forward.

🤍 We will focus our perspective, language, conversation, and prayer life on how God is holding our hand + fighting our giants instead of being consumed by our preference of escape. This will help us rejoice in our sufferings + be present amidst hardship, fully aware of the grace that’s carrying us.

🤍 We will let the Holy Spirit have His way. When we feel off, we will let Him nudge us and recalibrate. When we feel moody, we will ask for His stability to reassure us. When we are self-focused, we will recognize it, step back, and zoom out. Being teachable makes our Father proud + ensures success.

🤍 We will remind our hearts + minds that our Father is King of details. He ordered, placed, and regulated every system that ever existed + operated—HE is what makes it all last + work together. He misses nothing + all is under His perfect care.

🤍 We will take the time to just be His children. Free. Safe in His arms. We will feel the relief of just being with Him and soaking in His goodness and His gentle nature. Our hearts will let His love wash over every part of us, refilling our souls so that we can go back out + live from overflow.

This week, we will open the gift that is the abundant, full, beautiful life we’ve been given. We won’t wish it away or waste it away or wander it away or worry it away—we will worship + walk it out.

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