Speak this over your week:

on February 18, 2024

Sunday is here and after spending the day remembering His presence, we feel the urge to do Monday and Tuesday and the week ahead differently. We pray, “Jesus, help us live walking out the truth that we know.”

This week, we will:
🤍 We will spend active time in gratitude every morning—before the world reminds us of what could go wrong, we will praise the One who makes all things right. We will let this discipline encourage the deepest parts of our heart as we prepare for the day, letting it set our pace and our posture: we are children of the most high King who live with Heaven in mind.

🤍 We will go back to the Holy Spirit again and again, asking Him to recalibrate and renew our minds. We will hold everything loosely, trusting that whatever our Father asks us to hold or release, we can be confident to do so. We will be less consumed by our plans and more concentrated on the presence of the One who establishes our steps.

🤍 We will plant ourselves deep in the soil of humility, remembering to always consider others above ourselves and that being a student and a servant is the most honorable position of all. Cultivating the rich soil of humility, we will operate with unique tenderness and truth in all arenas.

🤍 We will water the grass in our own yard and keep our eyes on the boundary lines God has called for our own lives, fully believing that He doesn’t withhold a single good thing from us. We will remember the wisdom that life has taught us: Perception is a shallow image often built on assumptions, maintained through unwanted sacrifice or situations, and falsely personified due to inaccurate narratives.

🤍 We will remain hyper focused on what we can control—our thoughts, our language, our choices, our temperament, our responses to others, our awareness of God, etc.—this will set our feet in spacious places + provide strong footing for whatever lies ahead.

We will rejoice in knowing that we BELONG to the King! We are not just loved, we are liked beyond measure and affectionately adored. He chose us yesterday and He will choose us again tomorrow.

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