Speak this over your week:

on February 25, 2024

Sunday, you help us reset and recalibrate for the week ahead—what a reminder that it is the pausing, the praying, and the planting of feet in one place as we rest that provides the stamina, strength, + supply for the week ahead!

This week, we will:
🤍 We will be acutely aware of when we feel ourselves falling into the trap of people-pleasing, whether seeking their affection or the accolades of this world, and we will ask God for help. Though it seems counterintuitive to ask the King for assistance in being reminded only His approval matters, we know His desire for our reverence is mercy + love in action, knowing only His voice of adoration cures the ache in our longing hearts.

🤍 We will make time—regardless of how inconvenient it feels—for our bodies to synchronize with our brains and for things to halt a little bit. In these spaces where we let our soul breathe, we will gather fresh vision and power for the next step, knowing it is purposeful and Heaven-sent.

🤍 We will marinate on one habit or rhythm that we could work on or change in order to pursue God more wholeheartedly; whether it be regarding social media, the boundaries of our time blocks in each day, or the little ways we begin or end each day, we will be realistic + practical with one little thing we can do. This will make a difference.

🤍 We will survey the expectations we have placed on others that we know keep leaving us disappointed and discouraged; we will then take those and place them back on our Heavenly Father’s soldiers. This will help us love others + receive love without trying to make that love our identity. We will leave the heavy lifting to Him—no one else can survive our pedestal.

🤍 We will consistently go back to this truth: Contentment is a choice and we get to make it every day, regardless of the good or hard things happening to us, around us, or within us. Cultivated through having a heart of gratitude and a posture of worship, contentment is the decision to let His character be louder than our circumstance—we will do this!

We will live with our hands open, our hearts available, our feet brave, our mind focused, and our soul healthy + tended to—God is on the move!

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