Speak this over your week:

on March 10, 2024

Sunday evening is here and a new week hangs close in the distance…we begin to sort through the particulars, knowing they will change, and instead choose to spend this time with the person who can handle all the particulars.
Nothing too hard for Him…
Nothing too small for Him…
This is why He came. Ahhh—the relief!

This week, we will:
🤍 We will let the reality of the brevity of time—that is fast and fleeting and ferociously moving forward without our permission—be the incentive for protecting our priorities. We just won’t spend time on what doesn’t matter. The truth of time will remind us to give generously, assuring us what we give, multiplies + lasts, and all else? It fades. And we will be acutely aware that 95% of what we worry about never happens—and therefore? We will conserve our energy.

🤍 We will fight to keep a hopeful spirit, even amidst hard moments or seasons where we just want to push the gas pedal and let it be in our rear view. We will speak life + proclaim the character of God, coaching our spirit to hold onto what isn’t visible so that faith can do its thing.

🤍 We will consider the small, itty bitty steps of progress just what they are—PROGRESS! Wins. Victory. Faithfulness in the same direction. Movement that doesn’t feel monumental is often the mundane that leads to miracles. The small IS monumental because Jesus meets us there.

🤍 We will reflect on any unhealthy attachments we have—even if the world claims they’re necessary or okay—and bring them to the surface. Thought patterns…limiting beliefs…relationship dynamics…habits…anything—we will invite Jesus into that space and stop trying to compartmentalize His presence in our lives.

🤍 We will create time- whether it’s 5 minutes in the car without a phone in our hands or 30 minutes in the morning before the world wakes up—and we will learn the power of silence. Letting our minds be free of production + our hearts space to receive God’s affection, we will experience the transformative power of listening and being.

This week, we will rejoice and be glad!
In all things—truly, ALL things—God is working and He is good.

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