Speak this over your week:

on March 17, 2024

Sunday is here and a fresh beginning is on the horizon—a new week, a week that has never graced us before, which means it holds a million possibilities.
Will we get worried about the unknown or get excited about what it could hold?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will be intentional about cultivating a heart of gratitude—in what we say, how we respond, what we give, and how we pray. We know that the greatest way we could thank the Lord for His grace is to live in response to it.

🤍 We will let go of the idol of perfection in our relationships, our appearance, our decisions, our interactions, and our expectations—so that we can actually embrace what is present! Remembering that only Jesus is perfect, we find new freedom + strength in the flaws that bring us to His feet.

🤍 We will take note of the beauty and gifts of those around us and we will take the time to voice it—even when it feels obvious or known. We will make a habit of this simple gesture in every space, knowing it edifies our hearts + theirs.

🤍 We will be wildly gentle with our own hearts and exceptionally tender with others —Jesus is so pleased by this. Letting humility guide us, we will make room for the Spirit to soften, sift, sanctify, and soothe the hard, hopeless, or hurt places inside of us + others.

🤍 We will rely on the steadiness of the Shepherd with EVERY unknown—every decision we will have to make, every resource we will need, and every relationship we will navigate, knowing that abiding in Him will always provide the revelation + refreshment that we need.

🤍 Jesus will be our comfort—our safe place, our refuge, our greatest friend—in every space.
Deep breaths…it’s a new week.

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