Speak this over your week:

on March 24, 2024

It’s here…the week where we get to celebrate the arrival, sacrifice, and resurrection of our King. Imagining the Sunday before…He knew He would be slain and still He came. He came because He knew the darkness would not hold and that light would find a way.
This week is everything.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will welcome Holy Week with a focused mind, clearing distractions from our way. We will operate with an expectant spirit—the King is here and He has come for us. We will act + speak with a grateful heart, fully aware of the grace we’ve been extended + the forgiveness we could never earn.

🤍 We will believe for revival in every part of our lives—even those we’ve kept buried, feel too broken, or the ones where we know we betrayed the One who was protecting us. The King didn’t rob the grave so that we could live a life of scarcity + survival; the abundant, FULL + FREE life is why He came. Everything surrendered, we will trust His ways.

🤍 We will take the time to really sit in the truth + sacrifice of the cross—how? Why for us? Is there a greater love? Reflecting on the pain He chose so that we could walk in the promises we could never earn, we will find the faith to be obedient. This week, the cross will determine our priorities and peace will be sure to follow.

🤍 We will remember that Sunday always comes—amidst the seasons of suffering, when our hearts are breaking, and during every mundane moment where we feel unseen, we will hold tight to the truth that the Promise-Keeper always delivers on His promise. Darkness cannot overcome the One who made light.

🤍 We will let the example of Jesus—the One who rescued our past, present, + future—direct how we live. Whatever the will of the Father requires, it is always the pathway to peace, the sustainer of strength that isn’t our own, and the healing road to any hope that has been lost.

Easter…the week of the greatest celebration! But there was great anguish on the way there.
With Jesus, we see that all anxiety becomes anticipation when Heaven shines down on it 🌟

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