Speak this over your week:

on April 28, 2024


Sunday is here and so is a fresh start…instead of feeling the mounting pressure of the unknown, we experience the relief of knowing who is guiding us…walking with us…covering us…standing guard after us…

This week, we will:
🤍 We will remember that the ordinary and the mundane places we find ourselves are the perfect ground for God to work His extraordinary + perfect power. Instead of setting low expectations based on the predictable, we will set high hopes for the God of mystery.

🤍 We will ask God to help us—in very practical ways—to fight for joy in every circumstance. We will be people who cling tightly to the good, especially when our emotions feel fickle + frazzled.

🤍 We will pray for a softened heart every chance we get—how incredible that we will have opportunities to grow in faith, kindness, + LOVE! We will always seek the hard moments as a chance for our own spirit to grow.

🤍 We will treasure quality conversation with others, prioritizing listening over speaking, valuing their God-given identity above all, and being intentional about our time to have life-giving, fruitful conversation.

🤍 We will be quick to forgive, letting nothing become weights on our feet.
We will be slow to react, welcoming the Holy Spirit into every interaction.
We will be eager to pursue peace, valuing the long-game above the short + easy.

This week, we will let the Controller of the seas whisper to our weary, wayward souls, “Step by step, keep walking with Me—that is your only concern. Look out—don’t you see? I can be trusted.”

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