Speak this over your week:

on May 19, 2024

Sunday is here—do you see the new week on the horizon? It’s beauty and its strength helping our hearts steer from anxiety to anticipation, knowing that the Good Shepherd will guide our steps.
How blessed are we to know that the Giver of every week never changes His mind about us?

🤍 We will reflect on our priorities from last week—did they align with what we claim and yearn to keep first?
We will assess our schedule from last week—what patterns didn’t serve us? What might we need to switch up or reorder?
We will evaluate our energy placement from last week—did we allocate according to priority or urgency? What deserves more of us? Or less?

🤍 We will get outside and let the sunlight and trees and LIFE that surrounds us bring new life within us—nature reminds us that God is big, all systems respond to Him, and that everyday is dictated by His hand bringing light from the darkness.

🤍 We will be intentional about praying for people, getting in the trenches on their behalf and asking Heaven’s armies to intercede. Bearing their burdens with them, we will discover the power of community and the necessity of love + empathy. We will be intentional about praying with people—inviting them into our vulnerability and sharing in theirs—we will not wait for the “opportune” time—now is it.

🤍 We will be highly aware of our tone in every space—in the classroom, the grocery store, our workplace, and especially our own home—choosing humility above all, we will consider others above ourselves + walk in honor, especially when it’s inconvenient.

🤍 We will let the goodness of God—its vastness! It’s strength! It’s covering! It’s power! It’s JOY! It’s magnetism! It’s holiness! It’s truth!—all of it, we will let it determine our temperament and our perspective and our hope. This will be a testament to the broken world around us yearning for something more.

This week, we will be firmly planted in the peace that supersedes every temporary circumstance—it will guard our hearts + our minds in Christ Jesus.

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