Speak this over your week:

on June 16, 2024

Sunday is here and a new week is ahead—what will it look like? Will our prayers be answered? What will challenge us? Inspire us? Whatever it entails and however it transpires, this we know: we have been prepared and we never walk alone.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will recognize the authority we have to alter our thoughts, focus, and perspective—we are not a victim to our mindset or our lives. We will ask, “What is God up to?” as we look for His hand and expect Him to move + mend as only He can do. Our thoughts will be Kingdom-focused, doing everything we can to not take things personally and remove the inner critic inside.

🤍 We will be eager to receive correction, fully aware that discipline is the evidence of devotion and love. As we invite Him to illuminate any wayward place within us, we will welcome His voice, giving it value above all else.

🤍 We will implement healthier night time habits—going to bed earlier, scrolling our phones less, taking time to express gratitude, letting go of what we can’t predict or control about our week, talking to Jesus as we lay our heads, etc.—and let this lead us to waking up stronger, more available, + more prepared.

🤍 We will guard our mouths and be vigilant about speaking LIFE—wherever we are, whatever we are doing, no matter how much we don’t prefer it or didn’t pray for it—we will speak hope and light and strength and PEACE in this moment, in this season. We will work to be people who add confidence, love, and empowerment to every person + every place. And if it doesn’t add Kingdom value? We will shut our mouths.

🤍 We will enjoy our lives!!!!!! And taste and see that the Lord is good!!! We will be believers who walk in the JOY of the Lord! Oh how sweet it is to be loved by Him. We are favored. We are safe. We are free. We are content. We are grateful. We are loved. We are blessed.

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