Speak this over your week:

on June 23, 2024

Sunday, you bring renewed strength and hope and perspective and JOY.
We look out to the week ahead and instead of worry about tomorrow, we wonder with anticipation about tomorrow—how will our God show up in new ways? What mysteries will capture our attention as the Master Planner makes ways in the wasteland?

This week, we will:
🤍 We will remove any stumbling blocks that are causing us bitterness or resentment— we will remove the “I wish _____ would’ve happened” and replace it with, “I’m grateful for how God is using ____.” We will choose to place our energy in spaces that are beneficial + strength-building.

🤍 We will process every emotion with the Wonderful Counselor and our Constant Companion—what does the Holy Spirit say about where we are and what we should do with how we feel? We will sort through the muck and ask the Maker, “How can I respond to show others I’ve been with You?”
We will be people of maturity, not easily triggered and controlled by how we feel.

🤍 We will remind ourselves often—throughout the happenings of our day—that everyone is doing the best they can, with where they are, what they know, and the burden they’re carrying. We will offer lavished grace, constantly asking Jesus to help us find compassion where we lack understanding or agreement.

🤍 We will ask the Father for His view—how does Heaven see our situation? Our conflict? Our tension? Our stress points? Zooming out often naturally reduces the weight. We will fight for our perspective and remember that the person of peace is with us—therefore, we can have peace in every circumstance.

🤍 We will praise God for the moments of celebration and answered prayers and obvious favor! AND we will praise God for the mysteries that feel like uncertainty and like to disguise themselves as fear—ALL is known, held, controlled, and submitted to our King.

A new week… it is full of moments that have never happened—oh the possibilities 💫

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