Speak this over your week:

on June 30, 2024

Another week is on the horizon and our minds, bodies, and souls are readying themselves for what this week will hold.
Replacing the #sundayscaries with anticipation of what fruit God will bring out of this week, we proclaim these truths:

🤍 We will recharge our bodies in nature—getting outside, feeling the sunshine, walking and taking in creation, we allow our bodies to let go and be present.
We will refuel our minds in solitude—removing the pressure and replacing the over stimulation with solitude, we find clarity, creativity, and courage.
We will replenish our hearts in His Word—any worrisome place within us will be revitalized by the everlasting promises of God—that’s a hope we know we can hold onto.

🤍 We will let the Holy Spirit take the lead—He knows the way. His provision ensures our safety and our success to walk in the will of the Father. Knowing He will help us discern what is/what isn’t our assignment, we find confidence in knowing our Helper won’t lead us astray.
His pace is peace—from the inside out.

🤍 We will be self-aware, recognizing when our language, demeanor, or reactions are out of a complaining spirit. Even when the circumstances are tough, the people are difficult, or our prayers remain unanswered, we know that worship and gratitude will snap us back into the present moment and open our eyes to God’s hand at work.

🤍 We will remember that even Jesus experienced rejection! The Only perfect One. May this comfort us in remembering that we can’t please everyone but we can please Jesus. Our freedom + peace is not found in the affirmation of anyone but the One who made us. What a relief!!!!

🤍 We will be adamant about letting grace, empathy, and compassion usher us forward in every situation.
There is never a time, season, or relationship where we will regret being love to others, even when it’s not reciprocated. What would Jesus do? It alters everything.

We have a fresh slate.
God is with us.
Hope is alive.
Our gifts are needed.
His angels are protecting us.
And His heart is always whispering to us, “Look! I’m here, too.”


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