Speak this over your week:

on March 05, 2023

Sunday night is here and a new week is on the horizon…we are grateful, hopeful, + expectant.
When we feel the tug to predict what tomorrow will bring, we remind ourselves of who has authority over every tomorrow.
Jesus—the One who keeps saving us—and we take a deep breath, declaring these truths:

🤍 We will embrace the clean slate and the quiet moments it will bring; as we recognize our tendency to turn up the noise, we notice how His gentle whisper is the voice that we need. This new rhythm protects our mind + calms our hearts.

🤍 We will let this truth be our guide in every decision that we make, every word that we say, and every place we find ourselves in: HIS way brings peace. The way of Jesus—even when it’s hard or uncomfortable or unpopular—we know it will meet us in the secret place + sustain our souls.

🤍 We will place high value on being kind + compassionate with everyone we interact with, even when it’s so tempting to prove we are right. This humility helps us focus on what matters, prioritize what Jesus prioritizes, and preserves unity in our relationships.

🤍 We will constantly remind ourselves that the Lord’s definition of success isn’t like the world’s; those who are last become first and success is measured by faithfulness, not rewards. This eternal mindset will protect us when our minds wander or want to run ahead.

🤍 We will take God’s Word for it. It is true, it is safe, it is holy, + it is unchanging. We will cling to it in every circumstance, knowing our hope in Him will never be put to shame.

All is well in Jesus.
Even when it feels hard, looks unsure, or seems scary, we know the One who gives us REST.

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