Stay in today.

on February 28, 2023

Several things are true about tomorrow:
1. You have no control over it
2. The hypotheticals you’re imagining might never happen
3. Most things actually don’t shake out how you predict
4. God’s ways are higher than your ways
5. Being prepared for tomorrow is based on your ability to be present today
6. God doesn’t need you to make Him aware of possible situations
7. Your current reserve of energy is only effective in today’s timeframe
8. Your hope is revealed by where your eyes stay today
9. Your strength is sustained by where your mind rests today
10. Your trust is revealed by your ability to remain present-minded

The MOST responsible way you could spend your time is by staying in the present and trusting Him with your tomorrow.
Your effectiveness today is compromised when you split-brain your focus; chances are, how you will handle a situation ONCE YOU GET THERE will be different than all your best predictions in your frantic mind.
Because in the meantime, God moved. God sorted. God shifted things. God prepared the place. God added resources to your bag. God arranged people to be present and wisdom to be sourced that wasn’t there prior.
In-between when you worry about it and when you actually deal with it, GOD MOVES!

Command your attention.
Let gratitude fill your words.
Recognize the people around you.
Commit to the task at hand.
Find joy in THIS place.
Talk to Jesus whenever your mind begins to wander and ask Him to help you stay right here.
Then, you will discover His peace that not only grounds your perspective today but also reminds you that tomorrow is being handled.
It will come, and when it does, God will lead you through it.

Travel lightly, with just enough belongings for this day. Don’t let tomorrow’s bags that you decide to carry be the weight that holds you down

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