The altar is open

on June 07, 2024

It’s Friday and good news ABOUNDS! 🌟 Let’s go!

🌟 We can bring ANYTHING at any moment. The altar is open for us—a permanent safe space + drop zone for whatever is weighing us down.

🌟 Because no one else can be us or do what we can do how we can do it/see it/steward it, we aren’t in jeopardy of being “outmatched.” If it’s for us, it’s for us.

🌟 FIVE. Even just walking around our work building or spending five minutes in the sunshine expressing what you’re grateful for—sometimes just the reminder that He is a REALLY big, creative, understanding, + gracious God. Immediate perspective changer.

🌟 The things that make us, us?! God is CRAZY about those! He loves our unique way of approaching situations, the way we see the world, + the ways that our hearts learn to adapt to what’s around us.

🌟 When new seasons or new schedules bring adjusted boundaries, that is a-okay. Needed. HOLY, actually. If we aren’t changing the perimeter of permission on some things, we aren’t taking new ground. Adjustment signals advancement.

🌟 Not one ounce of hard work is wasted when done for Jesus + the glory of His Kingdom. No matter how far away the harvest feels or how little the world seems to grasp the tenacity we’ve had to have, Jesus does. And it’s making us better. The transformation is the reward.

🌟 Day by day, moment by moment, we are gaining strength + trust in the King. Witnessing His faithfulness, noticing His fingerprints, + walking in His fortitude—we are getting stronger in His name.

🌟 Isn’t it such a relief that we don’t have to go searching for impact + legacy if we spend our time tending to the field that we are given? When our focus is His will, our impact is automatic. A heart surrendered to Jesus? It is bound to have a ripple effect.

🌟 God sees what we can not—He knows what will be required of us in this season + the next. We don’t have to feel behind or wonder if we missed the boat to the land of abundance—it’s wherever Jesus is.

🌟 We get to choose what’s on repeat today—will it be His promises or our problems? Truth or chatter? We can invite, interrupt, + ask for His intervention whenever needed.

GRACE—it’s flowing today!

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