The armor of God is custom fit for you.

on March 22, 2024


The Giver of every good and perfect and wonderful and true gift—He is FOR you! Your heart is His priority! How amazing is that!

🌟 The armor of God isn’t bulky or ill-fitting on you; it’s custom-made to tailor fit you for battle. Put it on—God’s got you the whole way.

🌟 Audacious, big, “sun, stand still” prayers are within your grasp! The only thing keeping you from praying + God hearing these prayers is your belief that He hears them.

🌟 The will of God is every protective measure, the source of life, and the greatest plan that’ll ever unfold. That—you can trust.

🌟 When you prioritize healing above advancement, achievement, or acquisition, He honors it from the inside out. It’s worth it in every scenario.

🌟 You have permission to grieve what just happened or what happened years ago; letting your heart feel it is the necessary step to letting God hold it + hold you.

🌟 Your emotions—ALL of them—are a welcome gift to Your father. When you entrust what’s hard, heavy, + hurting, your trust is evident.

🌟 A heart of peace is a warm, contagious, life-giving gift to everyone who encounters you. It is so foreign to the world; fight for that + walk in it.

🌟 Nothing exists without God. The invisible makes way for the visible. It’s impossible to “compartmentalize” or separate God from the creation He has made.

🌟 In every season, both planned + unexpected, refreshment + rest are possible. The presence of Jesus ensures both and He never leaves.

🌟 Heavenly joy—the kind that infiltrates your soul + helps you see ABOVE your circumstances—it’s possible right where you are. Cling to it! Rehearse His promises + know He is faithful to deliver. His presence IS the gold.

God is IN THE ROOM! Soak that’s everything in this life 🌟

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