The enemy can't touch what you don't give him access to.

on June 21, 2024

The sunshine rose, there is breath in your lungs, your feet are moving forward, there are people to love around you, and the God of all creation loves YOU. And that’s the short, short, short list. Goodness abounds!!!

⭐️ The enemy can’t touch, tamper with, or tempt areas or places you don’t give him access to. He doesn’t have a key; he just pretends like he does 😒 You control whether he hangs out or must flee.

⭐️ There is no jeopardy that someone else can offer your gift, your way. Only you can. Your heart is special and what God has deposited in you is meant to be shared.

⭐️ God will help you rest, recharge, replenish, reinvigorate, and restore your strength to better than before!!! Feeling knocked down? Defeated? No , no—this is the good part!

⭐️ The Father is never harsh with you. His desire to convict and help you choose a better way is always love. His posture is gentleness, no matter how much you push it. You aren’t powerful enough to make Him react rather than respond.

⭐️ WHATEVER it requires for you to live in the light—without secrecy and walking in freedom- you must do. It doesn’t matter how extreme, countercultural, or “embarrassing” it may feel—remember, legacy > reputation any way. And who cares what people say! Being honest is brave.

⭐️ Others may say you caused them to do something or be a certain way but you are never responsible for the actions or words of others. Stay in your lane and don’t take ownership over what isn’t yours.

⭐️ The Good shepherd will lead you down paths of righteousness, resting in green meadows + walking beside peaceful streams. Isn’t it beautiful? The favor is unreal.

⭐️ Sure, the circumstances may be unsure and you may feel shaky but you get to stand on what you know—God IS WORKING! Walk in the assurance of what is not yet seen; His promises will not delay.

⭐️ Feel like you can’t quite figure it out? GOOD! Feel like every time you “master” something, you must learn something else? Or the season shifts? Good!!! Being a student is your protection.

⭐️ Do you see it on the horizon? The possibilities? The adventure? The wonder? Oh the JOYYYY that awaits you! LIVE!!!

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