The Holy Spirit has an unlimited supply for you.

on December 01, 2023

Reflecting on His goodness, being replenished by His love, experiencing the restoration + refreshment of His presence—it is truly TOO good and yet, so true.

🌟 Whatever you need, The Spirit has an unlimited supply at your constant disposal. No secret entrances. You have forever access.

🌟 When you wait well, you show Jesus to a world that desperately needs it. Waiting, expecting God to move, proves that you believe He is exactly who He says He is.

🌟 Hope is not ethereal—like some fairy dust that you attach a prayer to. Hope is your lifeline! It is truly medicine to lift your spirits + revive your soul.

🌟 Movement—experiencing the terrain underneath you + seeing the sky above you—it helps you remember how big God is. He can handle what’s worrying you.

🌟 You get to determine your response to every person you interact with—you get to choose tenderness, kindness, + grace, especially when it’s undeserved.

🌟 Seasons change and with it, so much else. But one thing is consistent—the Keeper of your soul + the Maker of time. He never changes. You’re steady in every season.

🌟 You don’t have to wait to hold the promise before you praise Him for where you’re standing. Because you trust His heart, you know that you can have faith in His hands.

🌟 God can handle every doubt, every frustration, and every concern. He already knows it anyway. Being honest about where you are is necessary to be grateful about where He has you.

🌟 Comfort—like true, everlasting, reaches-deep-down-inside-of-you comfort—it awaits you at your Father’s feet. He’s inviting you.

🌟 The enemy can try to convince you that you no longer have God’s favor but he can’t actually take it. The King has sealed it so you get to stand on it.

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