The presence of God changes everything.

on July 05, 2024


You would think that it would run out—the goodness that just keeps overflowing from His hand, despite everything we do to test His patience and take advantage of His kindness. He is God, our loving Father, in every circumstance 💛

🌟 The presence of God is the secret to every good, lasting, true, and hope-filled thing. It is the living water that infiltrates the driest of places and provides refreshment. Invite it in—it changes everything.

🌟 Rehearsing His promises are like life rafts that lift your eyes above the seas and provide relief amidst the weather. Because even when you can’t see it or predict it, His Word doesn’t return void.

🌟 Connected to the vine—talking with Him, sitting with Him, + letting Him love you—you will flourish. Confused on what to do? Need clarity? Feeling insecure? Abiding is always the way.

🌟 You don’t need to impress anyone with your pace or your power or your palace on earth; you get to slow down + choose a better way. It will feel odd at first but the pace of grace builds lasting treasure + a peaceful life.

🌟 The Holy Spirit is always speaking, always pursuing, and always holding you close. Your behavior doesn’t change His relentless love for you.

🌟 God will show up in the way that only He can and do what only He can do. Mountains are being moved. The path is being cleared. He sees you and says, “I’m aware of every detail. This is good ground.”

🌟 When you know your value, you want to respond to the Maker with obedience, trust, and honor. It is your identity that protects your posture + decision-making.

🌟 Today—these 24 hours—offer NEW strength that will cover you all day long. You’re not in jeopardy of tapping out and not having water from the well. You’re good. Steady. Sure.

🌟 Deep waters, as difficult + dreary + discouraging as they can be, provide opportunities to discover your tenacity + experience deep intimacy with the Rescuer. Even if by force, your spirit begins to understand what it means to be saved + sustained.

🌟 You may have struggled to be present or your mood may have been one of bitterness but in THIS moment, you get to pivot,be present, + choose peace. Don’t wait.

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