The presence of Jesus is the best medicine.

on September 15, 2023

Praising God for this day and this weekend before us 🙌🏻
The Holder of every good thing + the Maker of using all things for our good, we rejoice in this good, GOOD news:

🌟 The presence of Jesus is the cure for every ailment of the heart, need of the body, and yearning of the soul. It knows exactly where you are + breathes life into you there.

🌟 The gaps of time where we don’t have anything scheduled or the seasons of life that aren’t so chaotic? They’re good for our children and for us! Inspiring innovation + pure-hearted adventure, they bring our imagination back to life.

🌟 When our lips are filled with words of truth, no matter the journey our minds have been walking, hope and peace fill our hearts. The nature of the Word is that it is living + active so when we show up, it does too.

🌟 God sees our patience in every place and with every person. He knows the prayers we’ve held so close and have been waiting so long to experience. He’s using this + growing us. It’s never lost on Him.

🌟 We don’t have to have a mountain of faith to climb the mountain; just a mustard seed. Because faith is so powerful, the tiniest little bit can shake the world.

🌟 We don’t have to worry that maybe the “focused” gene skipped out on us; we get to choose to live disciplined whenever we desire. Cutting distraction, we find new passion.

🌟 In this moment, in this day, in this chapter of your story, you are being prepared for something GREAT! Something significant. Never doubt that God has remarkable, beautiful plans for your life.

🌟 But also? The preparation for that something great IS something GREAT! The process is key. Only those who are willing to endure the journey get to experience the mountain-top views. Don’t rush this part.

🌟 We can disagree wholeheartedly with someone and still choose to honor them. How we honor others has little to do with them and everything to do with God. If we fear Him, we will honor His people.

🌟 The narrow path isn’t easy. Includes hurdles + obstacles. Takes place outside our comfort zones. But it is insulated with the deepest, most gracious, all-encompassing peace. With every step, we are covered.

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